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At Boolean® , we endeavor to provide a formidable platform for professionals who will be our change agents – catalysts who are torchbearers of our fortitude to excel and redefine the limits of technology to make our clients successful. Our hiring team focuses on the recruitment of talented professionals in the industry. If you are experienced in the pursuit of excellence in IT, and looking for challenging opportunities to actualize your fire within, look no further. A career at Boolean® offers just that and a lot more.

Our culture is a foundation of our success and it is completely people oriented, touching lives and making a difference to employees, stakeholders, customers and partners alike. We believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey on continuous improvement and we keenly promote an open culture, encouraging feedback, and actively transforming it in to action.

The Spirit of Boolean® is the core of Boolean®. These are our Values. It is about who we are. It is our character. It is reflected consistently in all our behaviour. The Spirit is deeply rooted in the unchanging essence of Boolean®. But it also embraces what we must aspire to be. It is the indivisible synthesis of the 6 values; Innovation, Client Delight, Transparency, Excellence, Collaboration, Diversity. The Spirit is a beacon. It is what gives us direction and a clear sense of purpose. It energizes us and is the touchstone for all that we do.

An inspiring environment , continuous growth opportunities, unceasing innovation, and work-life balance make Boolean® a great workplace. At Boolean®, we strive to offer more than just a job. We offer new career avenues that intersect our business in a way that you develop your full potential, while maximizing the company’s growth. We firmly believe that we can achieve business efficiency only through our people and their expertise in innovation

BOOTH - Campus Hiring

We welcome engineering and management institutes to participate in our hiring programme - BOOTH. We have already empaneled quite a few Tier I institutes for our Graduate / Management Trainee hiring and Internships. If you wish to be empanelled then please visit our campus hiring page.


Boolean Assessment Center

We recruit our technical workforce through our online assessment process, if you think you have what it takes to be a Booleazen then you sure need to click below and take the test.


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Our Think Tank is part of our L&D department, where we encourage, support and reward talent. Apart from learning we use our think tank artillery to assess candidates and employees on following aspects: Conceptual knowledge, Execution proficiency and Awareness.

Throughout the assessment process, we aspire to assess fundamental knowledge, capability, and learning potential. We don’t expect you to know everything. When you get stuck or don’t have experience with the subject matter, we encourage you to ask clarifying questions that show your integrity, collaboration, and ability to be resourceful.

For our interview process, we focus on these key aspects of our culture:

Growth Mindset.True learners who can acquire new skills rapidly and connect with others to help bring big ideas to life.

Diverse Inclusive. Being open to learning about your own biases and changing behaviors accordingly. Value differences, seek them out, and invite them in.

Values. When we come together, we treat each other with respect, we act with integrity, and we are accountable to one another for our words and actions.

Manager Expectations. Our Managers help bring our culture to life. As they model, coach, and care, they help reinforce our culture and create the environment where everyone can do their best work.



Our mission is to give businesses the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Through our family of apps and services, we're building a different kind of company that connects digitally companies and their customers around the world. Whether we're creating new products or helping businesses expand its reach, people at Boolean® are builders at heart. Our teams are constantly iterating, solving problems, and working together to empower enterprises around the world to connect digitally in meaningful ways.

Boolean® is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, reproductive health decisions, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, genetic information, political views or activity, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.

All engineer / management trainees go through BOOTcamp when they join Boolean®. BOOTcamp is a training program, lasting approximately 1 year, where you gain insight into the range of engineering & managerial work happening across Boolean® , identify your passions and strengths, and align them to a team where you'll have the most impact.

From financial education and tuition assistance to specific program training, our employees have opportunities to expand their knowledge on a variety of topics, stay current in their field, and continue to learn as their career progresses. ​​We support employee growth with hundreds of online and in-person technical, management and professional development classes. With an ongoing visiting speaker series covering a broad range of topics by acclaimed speakers and our employee TechFest, we strive to ensure our employees can grow in their career knowledge.

A career at Boolean® means a life-long opportunity to explore your full potential, grow continuously, and work on the latest technologies alongside the finest minds in the industry. An inspiring combination of growth prospects, continuous innovation, fair play, and a great work culture makes Boolean® an exhilarating workplace.


Campus D122, Sector 15, Noida, IN. |

Open Positions

Finance Manager

7-10 years handling corporate finance \ Positions-1 \ Location Noida, IN.

Operations Manager

7-10 years handling operations/facility/admin \ Positions-1 \ Location Noida, IN.

Project Manager

7-10 years experience in WebDev \ Positions-2 \ Location Noida, IN.

Gerent Finance

3-5 years experience in handling financial data & processes \ Positions-2 \ Location Noida, IN.

Facility Manager

3-5 years handling operations/facility/admin \ Positions-2 \ Location Noida, IN.

Boolean® does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process and has not authorized agencies/partners to collect any fee for recruitment. If you encounter any suspicious mail, advertisements, or persons who offer jobs at Boolean®, please do let us know by contacting us on

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