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Boolean Innovation Labs is a group of aficionados who come together to shape a better future for all of us.

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What We Do.

The team is a diverse group of problem solvers, inventors, and proven visionaries who are relentless about transforming everyday occurrences into rich experiences that have the potential to improve the way billions of people live. By actively participating in the creative process, regardless of success or failure, each person gets the opportunity to gain valuable insights, increase their knowledge, and learn diverse perspectives.

Fundamental Research

Such projects address key scientific or engineering questions or develop fundamentally new capabilities. Successful outcomes might be better technology, useful theories or new discoveries. We use established scientific benchmarks or develop new ones for measuring progress. Although these projects can tackle scientific problems motivated by user/product needs, they often move faster when conducted independently of existing products.

Product Innovation

These projects explore and develop new products or even new businesses that require substantial research. The necessary research typically has either significant depth and enables new capabilities or significant breadth and combines a variety of technologies in novel ways. Near-term measures of success include demos, prototypes or pilots that prove user / customer utility and analyses that meaningfully inform research or business priorities.

Disruptive Innovation

In a nutshell, disruptive innovation is the process of understanding where a market is being overserved. Over time, our product can become packed with extras — some of which the everyday consumer will use, but the majority of which they won’t. Disruptive innovation is a process of stripping back the product to one that is viable to the vast majority of the market, even if there’s a few users who are now not served as they were using the advanced features.

Architectural Innovation

Architectural innovation is simply taking the lessons, skills and overall technology and applying them within a different market. Such projects create reusable components that enhance the work of (product and research) teams that adopt them, multiplying everyone’s impact. The success of these projects is measured by adoption. Sometimes projects arise out of repeated product contributions that crystalize how such contributions can be better addressed through a common solution.

Our Philosophy.

As an organization, we maintain a portfolio of research projects driven by fundamental research, new product innovation, product contribution and infrastructure goals, while providing individuals and teams the freedom to emphasize specific types of work. We strive to create an environment conducive to many different types of research across many different time scales and levels of risk.

Innovation Outlet

sample-image Our goal is to create a research environment rich in opportunities for product impact, to build a product environment that actively benefits from research, and to provide our staff the freedom to work on important research problems that are not tied to immediate product needs. The Lab is Boolean’s official outlet for experimental projects from small teams across the company to test a hypothesis, receive early customer feedback, and determine product market fit. Project teams get expert guidance, and a lightweight release process to help teams get their experiments out quickly.

Degree of Freedom

Intellectual freedom is an essential ingredient in research progress. We want our portfolio of projects to be balanced and diversified across the organization, but we empower individuals and teams to set their own research agendas as much as possible. In order to foster an environment that supports long-term research, we acknowledge our inability to predict exactly which ideas that we work on today will be the most useful in the years to come. Substantial research freedom combined with a thoughtful and expansive view of how research can produce value at Boolean allows us to leverage the expertise of our staff to prioritize projects.

CSO Speaks

  • Innovation in a company needs to snowball from the top gathering bits, trytes, nibbles and bytes of information on its way down to the showroom. Boolean Innovation Labs set out to make a dent in the universe, not just build software.

    $5.3 Trillion Tech Spending - 2022 (IDC Estimates)

    Tushar Sen
    Tushar Sen CEO | CSO | Co-founder.



Collaboration – especially between universities and companies – will become increasingly important in the future. Factors such as fewer financial resources, competition from emerging economies, and increasingly complex technological developments make the landscape simply too volatile to go it alone. Companies which don’t build bridges to the university sector will miss out on accessing ground-breaking research and marketable new findings. In addition, they will be out of touch with the students who will potentially turn into young professionals and bring a wealth of new knowledge into their company. The university world now sees the benefits of looking beyond the theoretical and taking an active role in overseeing the transfer of new knowledge into practical applications.

Indian Institute of Technology

IIT - Delhi

A collaborative research engagement between Indian Institute of Technology, and Boolean Innovation Labs. The shared vision is that the center undertake the toughest computer science challenges in areas as diverse as human-computer interaction, mobile computing and data center optimization.

Indian Institute of Science

IISc - Bengaluru

The Boolean Innovation Labs-Indian Institute of Science Learning Initiative is supporting PhD students, postdoctoral researchers at the world-leading university. Our aim is to realise artificial intelligence’s potential in enhancing the human experience and the application of computer science research to the sciences.

Indian Statistical Institute

ISI - Kolkata

Indian Statistical Institute and Boolean Innovation Labs aim at advancing principles of learning and reasoning, exploring novel applications, and pursuing better understanding of challenges and opportunities with regard to the applied statistics with an aim to enable greater adoption of data science in social comm-mesh.


Let's Innovate.

These high-impact programs offer opportunities for anyone to unleash their ideas, follow their instincts, take risks, and exercise their creative muscle. They also offer opportunities to learn new technologies, work closely with people of different backgrounds, and help foster a culture – on a team, in a division, and at the company – in which people are empowered, self-directed, and nimble.

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WIT Scholarship International Women's Day Opening Soon Noida
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